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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Fulfillment Services

Retail and physical products are big business. With more and more of these businesses actually engaged in both physical store outlets and the use of online sales channels, it can be challenging to actually ensure the merchandise is shipped and delivered to customers in a timely manner. One of the ways physical product sellers have adapted to changing conditions is through the use of fulfillment services. Here are the top 5 things everyone should know about fulfillment services.

Fulfillment Services

Huge Time

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Tips for Choosing a Public Warehouse

Many business owners underestimate the importance of researching and choosing public warehousing that meets their needs. Though you may be looking for a public warehouse as a short-term solution, finding one that meets your demands is vital. Here are some tips to help you strategize your warehouse selection.

Public Warehouse

  • Consider your public warehouse choice just as you would any other major investment; plan ahead and put an appropriate amount of time and research into the process.
  • Analyze the warehouse location thoroughly.
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5 Things Everybody Should Know About Warehouse Management Systems

A warehouse management system (WMS) is the heart of the supply chain for national and international shipping and inventory. Businesses rely on warehouse management systems for a wide range of needs, from tracking their shipments to professional packaging services and everything in between. Many people don’t realized the full range of services included in a high quality warehouse management service like we offer here at Bonded Service, so here are 5 basic things everyone should know about how they work.… (Read more)

Do Companies Own or Rent Shipping Containers?

Bonded WarehouseIf your company is in the practice of shipping large quantities of goods – either raw or finished – you need to consider whether purchasing or renting a container (or collection of containers) makes the most sense. Which option do businesses typically opt for?

The fact is that companies do both – some will own, and others will rent; some may do both. Making the economical choice requires business owners to have an understanding of their future shipping habits.


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How Does Logistics Management Help Me Track My Package?

For businesses that need to ship orders to customers on a regular basis, logistics management is one of the most essential features of success. Covering all aspects of the supply chain between manufacturer or importer and retail or wholesale outlet, logistics management makes sure that everything from order processing and packaging to warehousing and materials handling are at top quality and efficiency. When businesses use a full service warehousing, transportation and inventory management company like Bonded Service, logistics management … (Read more)