5 Things Everybody Should Know About Warehouse Management Systems

A warehouse management system (WMS) is the heart of the supply chain for national and international shipping and inventory. Businesses rely on warehouse management systems for a wide range of needs, from tracking their shipments to professional packaging services and everything in between. Many people don’t realized the full range of services included in a high quality warehouse management service like we offer here at Bonded Service, so here are 5 basic things everyone should know about how they work.

The Warehouse Can Receive Orders for You

Our warehouses are not simply places where you store inventory until you need it. Our services actively handle your inventory including receiving orders on your behalf, sorting them and storing them properly for you. In fact, at Bonded Service, you will even get a dedicated employee assigned to your account who is familiar with your business and needs.

You Can Track All Aspects of Your OrdereTraker Web Portal

With our complete inventory management services, every aspect of your inventory is not only tracked, but you have complete access to it 24 hours a day through our web based system. From shipping tracking numbers so you know where your order is and when it got there to lot numbers and production codes so you know exactly how much of what you have and when more is arriving.

We Can Ship Nationwide

With our own 25 truck strong fleet of vehicles, we provide both LTL and FTL shipping from Atlanta or Savannah to anywhere in the southeastern United States. If you need to go coast to coast, we can connect your order with our network of LTL carriers to get you the best prices and stay on top of your tracking. This means your inventory never needs to leave the warehouse until you are ready to ship it.

We Can Prep Your Orders For You

Whether you need individual packaging for items or the construction of large pallets for grouping together multiple orders, we can handle every part of the prepping process for you before shipping. Our order fulfillment services are an integral part of our warehouse management system and can drastically reduce shipping times and costs.

A Wide Range of Industries Served

Warehouse systems management can be set up for an extremely wide range of industries using our custom contract warehousing services. With our contract warehousing services, we handle everything from OSHO certifications to quality control with our own professionally trained staff. You simply sit back and monitor everything from your remote location, telling us when orders need to be received, moved and shipped.  Call us today at (404) 349-1466 to find out more about our complete warehouse management services!

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