How Does Logistics Management Help Me Track My Package?

For businesses that need to ship orders to customers on a regular basis, logistics management is one of the most essential features of success. Covering all aspects of the supply chain between manufacturer or importer and retail or wholesale outlet, logistics management makes sure that everything from order processing and packaging to warehousing and materials handling are at top quality and efficiency. When businesses use a full service warehousing, transportation and inventory management company like Bonded Service, logistics management also allows them to track their package at any stage of the process.

Our Internal Inventory Management Tracking System

All of our clients here at Bonded Service are given 24 hour web based access to our proprietary web based tracking system that displays real time information about all aspects of your order. Compatible with retail websites as well as remote terminals, the system allows you to track lot numbers, production codes, weights and any other aspect of shipping that you would like to stay on top of. Our system allows you to view your current inventory at any time, see inbound receipts, follow LTL shipping tracking numbers through us and our network of national carriers and contact us at any time. With our internal web based tracking system all the stats on your inventory and shipments are available to you always.

Shipment tracking info

About Logistics Management

Logistics management is an ever-growing field that is very important in today’s globalized world of shipping and trade. The more complex the shipping process is for any given transaction or importation, the more that the entire process needs to be streamlined and managed through logisitical organization. For this reason many prominent colleges and universities are now offering programs in logistics management for business professional who wish to be involved in international trade. Fortunately, companies like Bonded Service specializes in all aspects of national warehousing, inventory and shipping and will take care of the logistics for you.

Our Complete Inventory Management Solutions

Bonded Services offers a complete solution for businesses including warehousing in our facilities near the Port of Savannah or in metro Atlanta, full inventory and packaging management and shipping across the country. All aspects of our services can be tracked by you using our web based management system which is constantly updated with logistics at every movement and transaction. Call us today at (404) 349-1466 to find out more about what we offer!

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