5 Things Everyone Should Know About Fulfillment Services

Retail and physical products are big business. With more and more of these businesses actually engaged in both physical store outlets and the use of online sales channels, it can be challenging to actually ensure the merchandise is shipped and delivered to customers in a timely manner. One of the ways physical product sellers have adapted to changing conditions is through the use of fulfillment services. Here are the top 5 things everyone should know about fulfillment services.

Fulfillment Services

Huge Time Savings:

Perhaps the most important thing everyone should know about fulfillment services is that they offer your business the potential for significant time savings. Making even a single mistake can send an order to the wrong address and cause a lot of very detail-oriented and time consuming problems; problems your staff will need to track down, decipher, and then fix. A professional fulfillment service can handle all of this for you, saving time and possibly even improving your overall efficiency.


Allows For Seasonal Flexibility:

Every business has a busy season. Normally, this is handled by hiring additional seasonal or temporary workers. Or, a business may decide to invest in new equipment or other methods of handling the increased business volume. Sadly, this can lead to a number of issues such as training the temporary workers or learning the new equipment.


With a knowledgeable fulfillment service handling many different industries, you simply need to worry about producing or ordering more inventory and then sending it off to the service. From there, you focus on building your business and collecting orders. The fulfillment company has all of the latest technology and equipment and can handle the larger output of business volume.


Lowers Shipping Costs:

Customers are demanding free or very low cost shipping, thanks to the large retail and e-commerce giants having offered this for a number of years. Of course, this can be extremely costly to a small or medium sized business. Utilizing a fulfillment house with warehouses spread across the country can help to dramatically lower shipping expenses. Economies of scale can also be improved since your service will be able to efficiently determine the best (i.e. lowest cost) warehouse to send off your customer’s order.


Ability To Grow New Markets:

A fulfillment house that is capable of shipping internationally allows your business the chance to expand into new markets virtually overnight. An online business could simply put up a website with the .co.uk extension and begin selling in the UK. Or literally any other market or country so desired.


Improves Customer Service:

Without the need to be so focused on warehousing and distributing products, you will be in a much better position to improve the quality of customer service. Let your fulfillment house handle tasks like printing labels, buying shipping supplies, driving to the shipping center, etc… It is also much easier and less time consuming to conduct customer follow-up tasks than before.


Bottom Line:

Every physical products business should consider using a quality fulfillment service. There are simply too many benefits to overlook. Plus, it will more than pay for itself very quickly and even help you to become more in tune with customer needs and desires. For more information on professional bonded fulfillment services, complete our online form today without obligation.

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