Tips for Choosing a Public Warehouse

Many business owners underestimate the importance of researching and choosing public warehousing that meets their needs. Though you may be looking for a public warehouse as a short-term solution, finding one that meets your demands is vital. Here are some tips to help you strategize your warehouse selection.

Public Warehouse

  • Consider your public warehouse choice just as you would any other major investment; plan ahead and put an appropriate amount of time and research into the process.
  • Analyze the warehouse location thoroughly. One of the main advantages to using a public warehouse is that you’re not tied down to the geographic location of your own facility.
  • Make sure the warehouse has a good range of system support for your company’s products and inventory requirements.
  • See if they have room for expansion should you want to extend your inventory in the future. You shouldn’t need to move to a different facility each time your volumes change
  • Visit the site in person. Check out the facility’s cleanliness and maintenance standards. Pay attention to the relationships between managers and employees.
  • Assess access to the location. Does it have easy port access? Are there adequate railways and major transportation routes nearby?
  • Check references. Talk to other clients who use the warehouse series, especially ones that have similar requirements to your own. Ask them about what they like about the service and any hitches they have come across.
  • Meet the warehouse executives. Any public warehouse company worth its salt will be happy to make an appointment for you to meet with their upper level staff. General and operational manages. This will give you a feel for how professional the company is.

At Bonded Service we have been providing public warehousing and other services for more than half a century. As one of Atlanta’s first logistics companies, we are dedicated to offering cutting edge facilities and services. Contact us today to discuss your public warehouse needs.


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