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5 Reasons Your Business Should Start Using an Order Fulfillment Service

Whether your business is large or small, you can still benefit from outsourcing your fulfillment solutions to a third-party provider. Here are five of the main advantages of using an order fulfillment service.

Workers In Warehouse Preparing Goods For Dispatch

  1. Freeing your time

    When you outsource your fulfillment needs, you no longer have the responsibility of storage and staffing issues. You will not have to deal with handling inventory or packaging and logistics. This means you’ll have more time to focus on other important aspects of

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What Is a Bonded Warehouse?

A bonded warehouse is a secure facility that is used for the storage of dutiable merchandise. When the bonded warehouse is a privately managed enterprise, a customs bond must be posted with the government. Once the goods have been placed in the warehouse, both the importer and the warehouse owner incur liability for the merchandise under that bond until the merchandise is:

A Bonded Warehouse

  • exported
  • destroyed under Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) supervision
  • withdrawn to an aircraft or vessel in international traffic
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3 Reasons to Choose Bonded Service Warehouse for Savannah, GA Port Drayage

If you have inventory at the Port of Savannah and require port drayage to your warehouse, you need the help of a company with a reputation for trust and experience. Here are some key reasons to choose Bonded Service Warehouse for your Savannah, GA port drayage needs.

The storage warehouse

1. Years Of Experience

Port drayage can be complicated at times, depending on the products being received and moved. It’s best to use someone with localized experience at the Port of Savannah. Our … (Read more)

How Kitting can Save you Money on Order Fulfillment

You know how crucial efficiency is for getting the most value from your warehousing and distribution systems. Optimum efficiency saves you time and money, money that you can use to expand other areas of your operation. If you haven’t already, consider kitting as another way to save money.

What is Warehouse Kitting?

Warehouse kitting in the process of combining several stock-keeping-units (SKUs) into a larger unit. This is then delivered as one complete package. Kitting can be applied to different … (Read more)

What Is Open Source Inventory Management Software?

Warehouse Inventory ManagementAs a growing business, you face a dilemma: you need an effective inventory management system, but you don’t want to pay a small fortune for one of the many software programs out there claiming that theirs is the best. To save costs, many business owners turn to one of several free open source software programs available to help them keep track of their products. But what, exactly, is open-source inventory management software—and more importantly, is it really an effective alternative … (Read more)