What is Public Warehousing?

If your business is like many others, there are times of the year when you have so much product that you simply don’t have room to store it all. This problem can be further complicated when other considerations enter into the issue. This might include such issues as the ability to have access to or move product when or where you need it, and others. You might even have a problem with having the equipment that would be needed to move that product to and from other locations.

Finally, an Answer

A solution to the problems discussed above are often overlooked, but they take the form of an idea that is recent in its creation, public warehouses. The concept is simple, really. If you don’t have the room you need to store your products, you simply contract with a warehouse provider who can lease storage space to you and perhaps many other clients. It’s much like the public storage facilities that dot the country today, except on a much grander scale.

public warehouse

Competition Rears Its Head

For better or for worse, depending on whether you are the renter or the owner, the concept of public warehousing has evolved dramatically in the face of growing competition. In their efforts to draw clients from competitors, public warehouses work to outserve clients in a wide variety of ways to the point that the customer can have virtually anything they want for services and at a very reasonable cost.

Filling the Bill

Not only should prospective clients shop around among public warehouses in order to get the best deal, there are are considerations that should be kept paramount in the mind of the buyer. These include but are not limited to the following:

Systems Capability. Simply put, does the facility you are considering have the facility to handle your needs?

Expansion Room. A warehouse might have the room to handle your business needs now, but what about in the future? Make sure that the warehouse you are considering doing business with has room to accommodate your growth.

Warehouse Networks. What happens if your growth expands beyond one area? Does the warehouse have additional facilities where you can get support?

Transportation Access. Does the warehouse have convenient access to transportation hubs?

Timing. If you suddenly need room for a lot more product, can the warehouse turn on a dime to get it for you?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then we probably have a solution to your space problem.