3 Common Order Fulfillment Services

Order fulfillment in its broadest sense can refer to just about any step of the process between the moment an order is placed and its delivery into the hands of a customer. Depending on the industry and product involved, the actual order fulfillment strategy can vary greatly in terms of complexity. For many businesses, it makes more sense to outsource order fulfillment services to a third party like Bonded Services. Here are three of the most common order fulfillment services we offer to help you devote more time to growing you business while we handle the logistics of the supply chain.

1. Packing and Labeling

One of the most common and useful order fulfillment services that we offer is the packing and labeling of your product to get it ready for shipment. Because we can also store your inventory in our contract warehousing and even pick it up at the Port of Savannah through our drayage services, it is also important that we can also fully prepare it for shipping without you having to lift a finger. From individual packing of items to crate building for bulk shipments, we can get the products ready to move and with our individual labeling services we professionally and properly organize and identify each item for each customer.

gps tracking2. Real Time Tracking

After your inventory has been labeled, we then provide you with access to a tracking systems that lets you view the status of the product at any point in the order fulfillment process. This gives you real time visibility of your inventory, keeping you in complete control and knowledge even when the items are out of your hands.

3. In House Shipping

With an in house fleet of over 20 trucks, we can deliver your product to any destination in the southeast. For shipments all across the U.S. we leverage our relationships with other carriers to get you lower prices than you would ever be able to negotiate on your own to save you time and money. Call us today at (404) 349-1466 to find out more about our professional order fulfillment services.

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