Contract Warehousing vs. Public Warehousing in Atlanta

Warehouse interior

You may be considering additional storage options for your business. There are many third-party options available to business owners and inventory managers who are seeking to streamline their warehousing needs.

Here are two popular options for businesses looking for additional space and inventory support:

Contract Warehousing

Contract warehouses handle shipping, receiving and storage of inventory products on a contract basis. Terms of the storage vary from client to client, but generally speaking, contract warehousing clients commit to a length of time, usually months or years.

The trained professionals at Bonded Service handle every aspect of our contract warehousing client’s logistics, from setup to manpower, equipment, inventory management and even security. Atlanta contract warehousing clients can rest assured their inventories are in the best hands.

Public Warehousing

Public warehouses provide short-term and sometimes long-term solutions to businesses that need additional space to store their products and inventories. Businesses generally provide their own inventory managers, equipment and additional staff to support their inventory in a public warehouse. Every account at Bonded Service, however, has an account specialist assigned and readily available to help solve any issues that may arise.

This option is initially less expensive than a contract warehouse, but when additional costs are factored in, such as staff and equipment, comparisons become a bit more difficult and all the options must be explored to see which solution is best for your business.

Whether your business requires a contract warehouse or a public warehouse, the facilities owned and operated by companies like Bonded Service could provide massive savings to your business.

Contact us today for more information about our contract and public warehouses.

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