3 Benefits Of Using An OSHA Certified Warehouse

Warehouse Manager Instructing WorkerIn the United States, more than 145,000 people work in bonded warehouse establishments. Employment safety is a vital factor in throughput centers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), warehousing establishments must meet rigid safety standards to protect the safety of the people who work there. As a seller, OSHA certified warehouses do have some advantages.

  1. Employee Productivity

    In compliance with OSHA warehousing guidelines, all newly-hired employees have to receive training in general ergonomics, as well as task-specific training which may involve handling incredibly complex assets. This means that you can rest assured that the staff that are handling your order fulfillment and pick & pack services have been adequately trained in these tasks, so you are getting the best value services for your fees.

  2. Warehouse Conditions

    All warehouses must be well ventilated and free of debris, and obstacles cluttering the aisles. As well as being beneficial for the safety of the warehouse workers, this also reduces the risk of damage to your inventory.

  3. Adequate Rest Periods

    All warehouse workers must have adequate rest periods to prevent fatigue and injury. For the seller, this is beneficial because overworked staff have a tendency to make mistakes. Members of staff that are well rested and alert fulfill orders accurately.

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