What Is a Public Warehouse?

Broadly speaking a public warehouse is a storage facility that is open to the general public. While public warehouses are used by private individuals, they are also used by companies of small to medium size to safety story their inventory. With contracts that usually only last for 30 days before they need to be renewed, public warehousing allows for flexible short or long term solutions to any size storage need. Bonded Service offers full public warehousing services that can be combined with any and all of our other warehousing, inventory management and shipping programs to help you manage your products.

Advantages of a Public Warehouse

Because of its flexibility, public warehousing offers a wide variety of advantages over contract warehousing, which is becoming increasingly common due to the increased range of services it offers. Public warehousing immediately takes away the need for storage infrastructure in your place of business, including the security and staff that go along with it. Seasonal businesses, like Halloween costume companies for example, also have the option of expanding and contracting their space on a monthly basis, meaning that you only pay for space the month you are using it. Compared to contract warehousing, public warehousing are also usually much less costly, but that is because they do not include the many services that contract warehousing offers.

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Public Warehousing and Your Business Plan

For businesses that simply need to store inventory and want the flexibility to expand, contract or completely shut down on almost no notice, public warehousing is an excellent option. Because warehousing plays such an important role in the supply chain of many businesses however, it may also serve you and your business to check out some of the other services and options available in a full service contract warehousing plan. Bonded Service provides Inventory Management services that sort, label and track your inventory as well as Order Fulfillment services that package them in preparation for shipment and receive and process orders on your behalf. Our in house fleet of trucks can also handle your shipping needs across the entire Southeastern U.S. and our network of carriers can get you substantial discounts on cross country orders.

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