3 Popular Food Grade Compliant Softwares For Warehouse Inventory Management

Proper warehouse inventory management is essential to running a business that outsources its order fulfillment. Many food grade compliant software programs on the market specialize in tracking your inventory from many different angles. These programs are designed for those who need to stay on top of variables like audits, supplier deliveries and expiration dates as well as the organization of products in the warehouse facility. Here are 3 of the most popular food grade compliant software for warehouse inventory management, each has unique strong points that make it stand out from the crowd. Food Shipping


Very popular among large food companies like Kraft and Heinz, Intelex’s food safety management software ensures compliance with HACCP, SQF and FSMA and other regulations as well as manages all aspects of distribution and supply. A great choice for larger companies, Intelex makes organization of high quantities of stock items as smooth as possible.

Just Food ERP

Designed by Microsoft, Just Food ERP is a food grade compliant warehouse inventory management platform that tries to cover as many bases as possible so that it is the only product that small to medium sized companies will need. From sales forecasts and logistics management to traceability through proper labeling and tracking, Just Food ERP is used by both food distributors and processors.


Made by Food Decision Software Inc, the WinFDS software is popular among small businesses that want to automate their food tracing and management in order to concentrate on growing or running the business. Easy to set up and operate, WinFDS is for manufacturers and distributors who need a supply chain solution that requires the smallest investment in terms of both time and money.

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Bonded Services also includes a fully automated food grade compliant warehouse inventory management service in our contract warehousing offers. Contact one of our representatives today at (404) 349-1466 to find out how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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