Popular Supply Chain Solutions

Involving every step of the process from raw materials to finished product in a customers hands, the supply chain is as complex  as your business model itself. Fortunately, there are a growing number of ways to outsource you supply chain management needs, allowing you to grow your business while leaving the logistical details to a professional. Here are some of the most popular supply chain solutions, remember that a quality provider will offer all of them and can bundle them together into one streamlined package that meets your needs.

Contract Warehousing

The advantages of contract warehousing over regular warehouse services, known as public warehousing, are numerous. Contract warehousing puts a work force at your fingertips, meaning many active aspects of the supply chain can be handled for you remotely. From sorting and labeling to quality control and inventory management, contract warehousing allows you to outsource one of the most demanding aspects of running a business.

Order Fulfillment

order fulfillmentThe process of packaging and shipping your product directly to the customer can also be handled by a third party that specializes in the matter. This allows small businesses to compete in a globalized world, by having their products professionally prepared and shipped. Since order fulfillment can be combined with contract warehousing, your inventory can be stored, processed, packaged and shipped by a company like Bonded Services.


Transportation and Drayage

Another important aspect of the supply chain is the receiving and transportation of products that come in from overseas. Because Bonded Services has a facility near the Port of Savannah, we offer drayage services from the port to our facility. From there, we can also ship your products anywhere in the country via our in house truck fleet and our connections with other carriers.

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