Choosing The Right Logistics And Supply Chain Management Company

Supply chain management covers everything from the material sources and production of a product all the way to its final destination in the hands of a consumer. In an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, the opportunities for unique businesses are abundant, but the logistics of managing the supply chain is often what complicates matters for organizations large and small. For this reason, choosing the right logistics and supply chain management company is of utmost importance. Here are three things to look for before you sign that contract and entrust your shipments and inventory to the hands of stranger.


Intergrated Services

The supply chain can involve everything from storing and packing to picking them up from a point of entry and delivering them to your business or customer. A quality logistics and supply chain management company will offer as many of these different services as possible in an integrated manner, meaning there is a smooth flow between the different links in the chain because they are overseen by the same management.

Computerized Tracking

Since your inventory and goods are out of your hands for extended periods of time and going through multiple processes, it is important that your logistics and supply management company provides you with a way to keep track of everything that is happening. As part of our Inventory Management Services, Bonded Services utilizes a state of the art real time computerized system that you can log into 24 hours day to see what exactly is happening to your shipment and where. Items can be tracked by a large number of different variables including product codes, lot numbers and even weight.

Customized Offerings

While many companies offer a one size fits all approach to supply chain management, real professionals will be able to offer you services based precisely on your needs by segmenting and customizing their offerings. Whether its LTL or FTL trucking, or a combination of both, or contract warehousing with its own workforce, Bonded Services will work with you to design a logistics plan to meet your supply chain management needs exactly.

More Information

Bonded Services also offers drayage services from the Port of Savannah, complete packing and labeling services and much more, allowing you to outsource your supply chain management needs all in one place. For more information about our services call (404) 349-1466 to speak to one of our experts today.

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