Understanding Warehouse Inventory Management Systems

An integral part of the supply chain, Warehouse inventory management systems are ways of controlling the movement and storage of materials and goods so that they are always tracked, organized and accounted for. There are many specific techniques and procedures in the field of warehouse management, which is why courses and diploma programs in the field are now available to cover all the information and options available and to provide a comprehensive overview of the field. But for most, warehouse inventory management comes down to choosing a company like Bonded Services, as we manage every aspect of the process for you. In essence, warehouse inventory management systems consist of two principle parts, the warehousing and the inventory management.

Warehousing Options

Contract warehousing is the term used to describe full service warehousing that is linked to full inventory management services. This means that a company is not just utilizing a storage space but is also contracting a variety of other services from the storage providing which can include everything from custom facility construction to the use of on-site trained employees. The contract warehousing services that Bonded Service offers are usually linked to our drayage and transportation services, which pick up goods and transport them, storing them in between these times. This lets companies focus on running their retail and marketing operations from another location entirely while leaving the warehousing and transportation aspects of the business to us.

Inventory Management

Managing the actual inventory Computerrelies upon two factors: a computerized inventory management system and actual human labor. Bonded Service uses a state of the art computer management system that records all items in your inventory and tracks all items throughout the entire process of shipping and allows you to check in on all of it remotely with your private password. On the human level, our inventory management systems also consists of a human crew that can package your orders, build crates, load and unload and take physical stock of all items.

More Information

Because warehouse inventory management systems are such a critical part of the entire supply chain, choosing the right form is of utmost importance. Feel free to contact one of our representatives for more information at (404) 349-1466 before you make your final decision.

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