5 Popular Inventory Management Systems

A computerized inventory management system enables you to maintain the ultimate control over all aspects of your company’s inventories including:

  • purchasing
  • receiving
  • shipping
  • tracking
  • storage
  • warehousing
  • turnover
  • reordering

In order to optimize your inventory control these function can be integrated in a management system. Here are the five most popular management systems out today.

3PL Warehouse Manager

Purposefully designed for third party logistics providers, 3PL Warehouse Manager offers a Bonded WarehouseWMS that is created for 3PLs and is within your budget. It features:

  • EDI
  • global visibility
  • bill management
  • bar-code scanning
  • auto-reporting

It will help you reduce your costs by preventing missed bills and allowing your to broaden the range of your services.


Unleashed IMS facilitates inventory management online in real time. It allows complete visibility of each inventory management process, and all sales transactions though each different channel and warehouse. Unleashed makes it simpler for you to make sound business choices because you’ll have your whole inventory at your fingertips.

Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl is a convenient add-on to QuickBooks. It facilitates small and mid-sized companies with accounting, while also managing dedicated inventory tracking. Its features include:

  • multiple locations
  • manufacturing
  • part detail tracking
  • UPS/FedEx integration
  • landed costs
  • consignment
  • wireless bar-coding system for warehouses

Inventory Control

Designed for small businesses, Inventory Control is a complete IMS that can help for perform audits with the minimum of effort, increase profitability, eliminate inventory write-offs and lost inventory. The package comes complete with mobile computer, printer and supplies and also includes live training and phone support.

Finale Inventory

Finale is considered to be the number one cloud-based IMS. It is user-friendly, affordable and can easily be adapted to your company’s needs. Finale can be accessed easily from any web browser or mobile device. This means that employees will have a consistent awareness of your inventory, wherever their location. This IMS supports QuickBooks, barcoding, custom reports, and multi-channel e-commerce, ShipStation inventory management.

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