How to Optimize your Warehouse Operations

For businesses with more inventory than they can store on site, warehousing is a very important issue. In many cases, standard public warehousing may do the trick, especially for very small businesses that simply need extra space. But as business grows and things like shipping inventory from the warehouse and unloading incoming orders become to be necessary, its time to start thinking about a full service contract warehouse service. Companies like Bonded Services specialize in the following services that will optimize and streamline warehouse operations for companies of any size.

Inventory Management Servicessupply chain

Professional contract warehousing operations like Bonded Services can do much more than simply store your items; we can manage them in ways that you may have never thought possible as well. We provide you with real time computerized access to you complete inventory, allowing you to track it through lot numbers, production codes and however else you may like to label it. Our on site personnel are also there to assist you with packaging any items, moving inventory around making sure that everything complies with hazmat and OSHA certifications.

Order Fulfillment

Because for many businesses the actual process of shipping items to customers from storage is one of the most labor intensive, our complete contract warehousing solution can also include full order fulfillment services as well. We can do everything from packing and repacking of specific orders to labeling and placarding, and we guarantee that orders will be ready for shipping in 24 hours. Because we work with UPS all the time, we can also get you discounts on all shipments that you place through them.

Shipping and Transportation

When you are shipping customers’ orders that are too big for UPS or other similar companies, you need to rely on a freight service to get your merchandise out. That’s why Bonded Services has an in house fleet of over 20 trucks that can take your cargo directly from the warehouse, where it has already been packed and prepared, and get it on the road. Utilizing LTL trucking, which means that your order is bundled with other orders headed to the same direction on the same truckload, we can usually save you time and money over independent carriers.

More Information

Deciding how to optimize your warehousing needs is often a complicated process, as unique businesses each have different priorities. To get more information about the many solutions we offer here at Bonded Services, give us a call at (404) 349-1466 to speak to one of our representatives today!

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