What Is Open Source Inventory Management Software?

Warehouse Inventory ManagementAs a growing business, you face a dilemma: you need an effective inventory management system, but you don’t want to pay a small fortune for one of the many software programs out there claiming that theirs is the best. To save costs, many business owners turn to one of several free open source software programs available to help them keep track of their products. But what, exactly, is open-source inventory management software—and more importantly, is it really an effective alternative to help your business? Let’s take a quick look at this question.

Understanding Open Source Software

When it comes to developing software for any application, there are generally two schools of thought. On one hand, there are proprietary software programs, which usually cost money to license and use; these programs keep their source code hidden so the software can’t be duplicated, modified, or “tampered with.” Many feel this is the safest way to preserve the integrity of their programs, not to mention make a profit from them. On the other side of the spectrum is “open source” software, in which the programmers make the source code readily available, and even encourage users to make modifications and improvements. These programs are typically free to download and use at will. Of course, many users never touch the source code, but for the computer-savvy, open-source programs often create a collaborative environment where improvements and tweaks to the program can be made and instantly released to users.

Potential Benefit Of Using Open Source Inventory Management Software

While the idea of open-source programming certainly has its skeptics, many people consider open-source programs to be a reasonable alternative to their more expensive counterparts. While an open-source inventory management software doesn’t always have the same sleek look and feel as a cost-based program, the idea is that those who are working with the source code have the same basic goal in mind as you do: to have an inventory management program that actually works, but is also free. The end result of this collaborative environment is that many open source programs provide the same basic inventory management functions as fee-based software, but without the cost. So, should you use open-source inventory management software? That, of course, is always up to you. Below are links to several open-source programs you might want to try. For more information on your inventory management options, contact Bonded Service today. Popular open-source inventory management software programs: Odoo ABC Inventory Fusion Inventory GLPI

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