Why Is It Called Contract Warehousing?

Those looking to optimize their warehouse operations often turn to contract warehousing as a viable solution. As opposed to public warehousing, which is another option in terms of outsourcing your warehousing, contract warehousing includes many additional service besides just storing inventory. Bonded Service provides contract warehousing services designed to help businesses of all sizes not just warehouse their items, but manage, transport and even fulfill orders as well.

Inventory Management

Contract warehousing can also involve the complete management of the inventory of a company. Bonded Services provides a 24 hour web based tracking system to customers that lets them see in real time what is happening with their stock. We can label items by weight, production code or any number of other factors and then update the system so that you always know what you have on hand and how much. Our inventory management solutions turn warehousing into an extension of your business instead of just an outside storage facility.

Transportation Services

Another valuable feature of our contract warehousing services is the fact that we have an inhouse fleet of trucks capable of picking up your product and bringing it to the warehouse for management and storage. We also offer drayage services from the port of Savannah, allowing us to collect international orders for you and bring them into the warehouse. Of course, our fleet can also be used to help you deliver orders as well.

Order Fulfillmentshipping orders

For many businesses, including online retailers, outsourcing order fulfillment lets them concentrate on marketing and sales instead of worrying about shipping items. When combined with inventory management and transportation our order fulfillment services, which include everything from packing and labeling to delivery of the product, allow you to run a complex business from the comfort of our computer screen.

More Info

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