What Are Repack Divisions?

Many types of products, especially those that are imported or packed by industrial producers, must be repacked before they are shipped to the customer. Large companies often have a whole department devoted to this task, the repack division, which is responsible for transferring items from their original commercial packaging to one that can be used in a retail environment or shipped to a residential home. Other companies that want to streamline their supply chain can also outsource their repacking to a quality order fulfillment company, which has more benefits than many people expect.

Why Use A Repack Division?

Most of the time items that are shipped into the country on large sea going vessels are packed for the voyage, not for consumer consumption. The same holds true with produce shipped right off the farm –it is packaged for trucking. Those that are then going to fulfill customer orders with these products need to have a dedicated team of employees who specialize in unpacking these items and then building packing schemes that are the most conducive to fitting customer needs and delivery requirements. That’s where repack services come in.


How Does Repack Work?

If you hire, train and employ your own repack division, then you are responsible for every aspect of their performance, a weight too great for many small and medium sized business to bear without considerable expenditure. A much better option is to utilize repacking services, like the ones we offer at Bonded Services, so that you only pay for the service when it is used instead of worrying about taking care of permanent employees and facilities. Our team can built pallets and crates for shipping items as well as individually pack and label each order, tracking it all through our real time software that you have access to.

From Repack To Delivery

Once your order is repacked, we can also take care of delivery needs with our own in house fleet of trucks and our flexible LTR and FTL shipping options. For more information about how outsourcing your repacking needs can give you the competitive edge that could drive expansion to new heights, give Bonded Services a call at (404) 349-1466 today.