What Value-Added Services Should You Look For From a Warehouse Facility?

Many business owners underestimate the importance of researching and choosing warehousing that meets their needs. Though you may be looking for a warehouse as a short-term solution, finding one that meets your demands is vital. Taking your time to think about all your individual needs and get the right information can save your company time and money.

Value-added warehousing provides much more than traditional storage services. It enables a system of flexible warehousing where you can add on extra services to suit your needs. Any value-added services can be customized. Some value-added services that may be useful for you include:

  • Order assembly and fulfillmentValue added warehousing services
  • Pick & pack
  • Labeling UPC
  • Customer Specific QA/QC
  • Packaging and repackaging
  • POP display assembly
  • Sub-assembly
  • Price ticketing
  • Bundling
  • Kitting
  • Sleeving
  • Product returns

As you can see, value-added means going above and beyond standard warehouse storage and providing processes and services that are customizable. When you choose value-added services with Bonded Services, you will form a unique partnership with a significant variety of extra services at two different locations in Savannah and Atlanta. These services add direct value to you products and supply chain activity.

At Bonded Services we are proud to be the regional leader in the transport and storage industries. We are committed to providing high-quality services including secure public warehousing, contract warehousing, reliable order fulfilment, transportation, and inventory management. Contact us today to discuss how we can fulfill your transport and storage needs.