Why Should I Use A Public Warehouse?

Warehousing is a crucial part of the distribution process, but there’s no reason it should have to be complicated for you. Using a public warehouse is the ideal solution for most businesses – relieving manufacturers and distributors of their stresses and burdens. See why it might be the right fit for you:

Minimal investment

Bonded WarehouseDeveloping and managing your own inventory and storage system is a tremendous investment: not only of money, but also time. Between purchasing or constructing a warehouse and hiring an entire logistics branch to staff and run it, expect to see some heavy, long-term cash outflow – and that’s to say nothing of the frequent upgrades you’ll need to make if you hope to stay competitive. Consider instead whether it might make more sense to take advantage of the investment costs and expertise already covered by a dedicated warehousing agent. You’ll be able to put that money (and your own valuable time) to better use by investing in your product.


Very few companies can honestly expect a perfect, unchanging long-term match between private inventory space and shipment size. Whether as a result of sudden demand increase, issues with the shipper, or damage/renovations to the warehouse itself, most business owners will occasionally need to lease additional storage space – and fast. Public warehouses, with extensive existing infrastructure and short-term contract availability, are the perfect quick fix, and will allow you to focus your attention elsewhere.

Access and flexibility

Some manufacturers and distributors fear the idea of outsourcing inventory systems due to a perceived loss of control over their physical products. Though coming from a reasonable place, this worry is largely unfounded, as most public warehouses are prepared to provide rapid access and response times to any client looking to move, rearrange, or otherwise interact with their items. Of course, there’s no guarantee that all operators will be so easy to work with, so this is a great point to consider when shopping around for a public solution.

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