What Does It Mean To Be Food Grade Compliant?

The FDA has strict regulations for monitoring the safety of food storage in warehouses. Food products need more specific procedures and audits than other goods that are stored in a warehouse. Before contracting a warehouse to store your food products, you must make sure that they are certified to be food grade compliant.Warehouse Storing Food

For a warehouse to be certified as food grade compliant, it must meet the following criteria:

Buildings and Grounds

  • All buildings must be suitably constructed and be in a good state of repair.
  • Floors, ceilings, and walls must be constructed from materials that are easily cleaned and must be kept clean at all times.
  • Windows, doors, and any other openings must be protected to eliminate entrance by pests.
  • Loading doors must be kept closed when not in use.
  • Open windows must be screened.
  • The interior must be lit well enough to allow inspection and cleaning.
  • The warehouse owner must have a scheduled pest control program.
  • The grounds must be free from trash and spillages, weeds and brush.

Storage Conditions

  • Incoming products must be examined for damage before they are stored.
  • Food products should be off the floor and away from walls.
  • A separate morgue area must be maintained for damaged and spoiled goods.
  • The morgue area must be emptied regularly.
  • Refrigerated storage must be maintained at adequate temperatures.
  • All cold storage units must have thermometers.

Cleaning Operations

  • Cleaning must be done in a manner to avoid contaminating food products.
  • All cleaning materials must be stored adequately.
  • Toilets must be adequately separated from storage areas.
  • Hand-washing facilities must be available, with hot water, soap, and clean towels.

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