What Is Contract Warehousing?

A third party warehouse that allows all of a company’s inventory to be stored in one place and in convenient proximity to transportation, contract warehousing has seen a dramatic rise since the 1980s. While storage used to operate on 30 day contracts needed monthly renewal and included very little services outside of just storage, contract warehousing is a near permanent arrangement that often includes a slew of additional options like packaging, shipping, handling, inventory management and more. Bonded Service provides one of the most extensive and professional contract warehousing services in the Atlanta and Savannah areas, with full services for companies of any size including our own in house labor force that it at your service.

Advantages of Contract Warehousing

For a rapidly growing business or one that anticipates future expansion, the advantages of contract warehousing are numerous. Much more than just storing your goods for you until they are needed, our contract warehousing services actually allow you to focus on the key aspects of your business, like marketing and networking, and let us take care of the logistics of storage, shipping and tracking.

  • contract warehouseInventory Management: We offer a high tech inventory management program along with our contract warehousing services that lets you track all of your products by lot number, production code or other means 24 hours a day from your own computer.
  • Order Fulfillment: Because we have your inventory sorted, tracked and stored, it is also very easy for us to completely run your order fulfillment needs as well. From building pallets ready for truck shipping to rush orders on small packages through UPS, using our contract warehousing services along with our order fulfillment program means you simply let us know what needs to go where and we take care of the rest.
  • Transportation: With our own in house fleet of 25 trucks and access to a nationwide network of long distance carriers, we can also take care of all of your shipping needs as well.

Why Use Contract Warehousing?

To get straight to the point, contract warehousing gives companies a competitive advantage over other businesses in their field that just cannot be matched. By outsourcing all the logistics of storing, sorting and transporting your inventory to a third party, a significant part of the business equation is already solved. Small and large organizations can then redirect energy into promoting the actual business side of the operation, resting assured that orders will be processed properly and professional by our team. To find out more about our specific contract warehousing options, and how they can help your business grow and succeed, contact us today!