How Do I Find a Public Warehouse in Atlanta?

One of the most popular third part storage solutions, public warehousing allows you to be as flexible as possible with you warehousing. No contracts and space that can be scaled up and down to fit your needs, public warehousing allows you to house your inventory with as little overhead and worry as possible. With not only warehouses but shipping and order fulfillment services that are full customized, Bonded Services should be the first place you look for a quality public warehouse in the Atlanta area.

Why Public Warehousing?

public warehousing A key part of the supply chain, companies choose public warehousing for a variety of reasons, including as extra storage space during peak times of the years or when dealing with excessive overstock. For this reason its is important that public warehousing be as flexible and accessible as possible. When looking for a public warehousing option in Atlanta, look for key things like short 30 day contracts and large sized drive in doors, like we provide here at Bonded Services.

Add On Services

Because public warehousing has a high lost time claim rate due to injuries, companies should consider outsourcing not just their storage but some of their labor as well. At Bonded Services, we have a live onsite workforce that can help you with every aspect of your inventory management, from packaging and shipping your products to labeling and tracking them. And because we employ professional level warehousing practices, you dont have to worry about accidents and mistakes caused by improperly trained or experienced personnel.

More Information

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