5 Good Warehousing Practices

Because you understand the importance of eliminating wasted time and excessive costs, you appreciate the fact that your warehouse needs to be run with optimum efficiency. Here are 5 warehousing practices that will help you achieve just that.RFID

Utilize Automatic Data Collection Technology

If you don’t already have this in place, you’re missing out on a big time and money saver. Using RF barcode and RFID systems will prevent errors when it comes to tracking goods and free up a significant amount of your time.

Make the Most of Multitasking

If your warehouse has several dock setups you can use this to your advantage to streamline your services by scheduling simultaneous shipments. This cuts out the need for separate set up and breakdown at the loading dock and can speedup delivery times while saving you money.

Establish a Vendor Compliance Program

This is a good way to improve your relationships with your vendors and providers. Vendor compliance establishes the rules of how you will do business with your clients. For example, streamlining warehouse operations, improved transportation, reduced handling of products: all designed to increased customer satisfaction. Even by making small optimizations you will be creating a more efficient supply chain over the long term.

Minimize Handling

Save time and energy in your warehouse by minimizing handling of your products.  Just one way to do this is to place picks directly onto a shipping carton instead of into an intermediate container. By eradicating superfluous steps in the process you are streamlining your business even more.

Maintain an Ongoing Cycle Count

You can also cut time and save costs by using an ongoing cycle count in place of a complete inventory. This saves halting business operations and disrupting your warehouse. An ongoing cycle count is a much more efficient way to gauge inventory accurately.

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