What Services Are Provided With Warehouse Inventory Management?

Workers Checking Goods On Belt In Distribution WarehouseInventory management involves the maintenance of inventory or supply, while simultaneously managing the flow from an existing inventory. Because inventory management can be very time-consuming and because accuracy is crucial, many companies choose to hire a third-party logistics team to provide inventory management. Here is an overview detailing some of the services provided.

  • Keep Track Of Your Products

    Lot coding and production code tracking means that you will always know where your inventory is. Companies like Bonded Service will also maintain real-time inventory information.

  • Maintain Total Integration

    Bonded Service can provide remote terminals for WMA and integration with your business’ retail website so your supply chain will run optimally.

  • Keep Up-To-Date Records

    The team at Bonded Service will keep detailed records of shipments into and out of the inventory. They will also perform audits to make sure that the inventory is precise as it should be. You will also be provided with a cost control measure to help ensure maximum profits.

  • Locate Products

    Bonded service provides 24-hour web-based access so you can view current inventories and other important information about your stock anytime, anywhere.

When you hire a warehouse inventory management service, such as Bonded Services, you can be sure that when tax time comes around, you will have all the necessary records so you won’t be overpaying or showing incongruent paperwork that may trigger an audit.

At Bonded Services we are proud to be the regional leader in the transport and storage industries. We are committed to providing high-quality services including a secure bonded warehouse, contract warehousing, reliable order fulfilment, transportation, and inventory management. Call us today to discuss how we can manage your warehouse inventory for you.

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