5 Things Everyone Should Know About Courier Shipping

A courier shipping service is distinct from an ordinary mail service in that it has a vast array of specialized features:

  • Faster delivery speed
  • Optimum security
  • Tracking
  • Signature
  • Individualized express services

woman signing receipt of delivered package When it comes to choosing a reliable courier shipping service, here are five things you should be aware of before you trust them with your products.

    1. Immediate Availability

    2. When you hire a courier service to ship your goods, you need to be certain that the courier can pick up the package straight away so it can get to its destination as soon as possible.

    3. Proof of Delivery

    4. This is essential. No courier service is worth it’s salt if it can’t guarantee that your package will arrive at its destination.

    5. Insurance

    6. Just in case your package does not arrive at its destination, it’s best to have insurance for your peace of mind.

    7. Limitations

    8. Make sure to find out if the courier service has size and/or weight limitations; some of them do. If you are


    small packages, this may not be a serious consideration for you, but if you are shipping larger items, such as machines, you’ll need to consider this.

  1. Costs and fees

Don’t assume that the lowest cost will be the best value for your company. Weigh up the cost to value after you have made sure the courier can meet all your other expectations. At Bonded Service we have been providing public warehousing, contract warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation and inventory management services since 1931. We are proud of the fact that we were one of Atlanta’s first logistics companies. We operate over 1 million square feet all over the greater Atlanta area and now have two new facilities in the Savannah area designed to meet demands of our clients needing close proximity to the Port of Savannah. Contact us today to find out more.

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