How Do I Choose a Dedicated Warehouse For My Products?

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a dedicated warehouse for your equipment or products. Taking your time to think about them all and get the right information can save your company time and money. Here are some things to think about.

warehousing Services

  • Location – this is important for several reasons including: drayage expenses, proximity to resources and proximity to labor.
  • Price – should be realistic in matching the market and in-keeping with your business plan.
  • Accessibility – it must be accessible to major highways and you may also need it to be accessible to railways or ports.
  • Ordinances – the dedicated warehouse has to meet local ordinances, bear in mind this may limit haulage traffic or the type of goods that can be stored there.
  • Flexibility – it should be able to adapt to your changing needs.
  • Dock doors – the number, size and accessibility of dock doors are all important considerations.
  • Bay size – this is important in terms of the layout of your storage, rack size and overall efficiency.
  • Ceiling height – this will depend on the type of goods you are storing. If the ceilings are too high it can increase taxes and cost of utilities. If they are too low, storage efficiency can be compromised.

At Bonded Service our expert team has been providing public warehousing for more than half a century. We offer flexible warehouse space, which means that you only pay for the space you need to use. Contact us today to find out how we can help you store your products in our safe environment and to consult with us about the support services we provide.

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