5 Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting Container Drayage Services

When you need imported goods picked up from the Port of Savannah, you will want to use a company that offers much more than just drayage services. Choose a company that offers a full line of supply chain solutions, so that the drayage of your items can be integrated into a seamless process of shipping, storage and processing that best meets your needs. Here are the top 5 things to look for in a quality drayage service provider, each one making the process easier and more efficient.

Storage Containers

Is storage available?

Unless you are going to be right there at the time of delivery to pick up your inventory, it will need to be stored after drayage. Bonded Service offers flexible warehousing solutions at our dedicated facility near the Port of Savannah to make this convenient for you.

How is inventory managed?

After drayage and storage, the next thing to consider is how well the company can help you manage and organize your items. Bonded Services offers full inventory management services that includes both lot code and production code tracking through our 24 hour web based software.

Can they help with order fulfillment?

Before an order is shipped to a customer, it often needs to be packaged or otherwise prepared for the journey. We have an onsite work force that can be hired on a temporary and flexible basis to perform any order fulfillment needs you may have, including re-packing, crate and pallet building and labeling to ensure proper identification of items.

Do they provide shipping services?

When it’s time to move your orders from storage to the client, you want to make sure that shipping is as affordable and reliable as it can be as well. Bonded Services has an in house fleet of over 20 vehicles that provide shipping across the southeast and our network of carriers can connect your order nationwide at the best rates possible.

Are they experienced?

With over 80 years in the business, Bonded Services is a trusted source of supply chain solutions with professional crew and equipment. For more information about our drayage services and other offerings call (404) 349-1466 today to speak to an expert.

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