Why Should I Use Drayage?

When shippers speak of drayage services, what they refer to is the short-distance transportation of freight – usually by road – from one shipping depot, warehouse, or retail storefront to another. This is a standard component of the shipping process, and one that we recommend for just about any distributor.

When differentiating between drayage and full-fledged freight transportation, a good rule of thumb is that drayage services can be completed within a single work shift, and tend not to extend beyond the immediate metro region. Compare this to trucking or shipping cargo across the nation or overseas.

What are the Benefits of Drayage?

Incorporating drayage services into the shipping process can give distributors a number of advantages over the competition:


Ports of shipping are busy destinations, to say the least, and it’s not often realistic to have every company with freight (whether inbound or outbound) maintain an on-site presence. Rather, by utilizing road-based drayage between ports and off-site warehouses, operations can continue without crippling traffic congestion.

Cargo may also be left to spend extended time at docks or in warehouses, meaning that flow isn’t always steady and space may be lacking at times. Drayage services allow the transportation of containers – empty or full – to alternate warehouses or other free spaces, so that activities may run smoothly and uninterrupted.

Cost savings

In long-distance transportation (and especially with larger and/or heavier loads), the efficiency of freight trains and cargo ships often beats out trucking as a method of cargo conveyance. But trucks have one distinctive advantage, and that is their incredible inland reach. By taking advantage of sprawling existing road networks, transporting freight short-distance with container drayage can be much cheaper – in both time and money – than only operating receiving ports and warehouses along major waterways or rail lines.

Safety and security

Professional freight handlers are trained extensively in the safe handling of lockcargo, no matter the size, shape, or fragility. While some may be concerned by the prospect of incorporating more transitions into the shipping process, rest assured that carriers operate under the highest care precautions. In fact, federal safety rules and regulations are only increasing in stringency.

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