5 Common Drayage Services

Drayage – the short-distance transportation of goods – is an integral part of the shipping process, no matter what the total distance your shipment is covering. Discover just a few of the more commonly requested drayage services in today’s modern world:

Intermodal transport

Perhaps the most common form of drayage is the trucking of bulk cargo loads from one mode of transportation to another (or to a nearby warehouse). While rail and sea have their advantages in freight shipment, they lack the inland reach provided by extensive road infrastructure; as such, trucks make for a great go-between.

Warehouse transportBonded Warehouse

Whether transporting from a bonded warehouse to your own dedicated facilities, or selling product directly to another distributor, cargo frequently needs to be ferried short-distance directly from one warehouse to another. Shipping crates or other containers may also need to be delivered and stored, short-term, in a local warehouse while awaiting product loading.

Retail docking

Drayage provides the connection between warehouses packed full of goods, and the retail stores that sell them. Truckloads of product are a common site on the roads and in the strip malls of our towns, and these deliveries are a specialized part of the shipping process that require the services of transport professionals to operate in a smooth and efficient manner.

Mail and parcel aggregation

In large malls, residential complexes, and other locations that congregate many potential recipients in a relatively compact area, it’s not always feasible to arrange for door-to-door delivery due to room and parking restrictions. Malls and apartment buildings may set up a separate drayage area nearby, in which deliveries are aggregated and sorted locally before being distributed.

Trade shows

When you set up shop at a major industry exhibition, it’s important to put up an impressive display to represent your organization, and doing so requires a serious coordinated effort behind the scenes. Many exhibitors (especially in larger events) opt to ship materials to local warehouses and arrange for drayage service, rather than shipping directly to the exhibition hall. This provides more freedom in the acceptable delivery window and cuts down on clutter at the central receiving section of the expo center.

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