Understanding the Difference Between Courier and Freight – Bonded Service

While both are used to get your items from point A to point B, there are some very large differences between courier services and freight shipping. Which one is right for you will depend on what industry you are in, what exactly you need transported and the time frame that is acceptable to you. Bonded Service offers a wide range of transportation options for companies of all types and sizes, check with us to learn more about all the available options before making your final decision.

What Exactly is Courier Service?Georgia Warehousing and Drayage Services

Courier service is usually a door to door method of delivery that utilizes a professional specialized mailing company. Courier services are usually chosen over standard mail services out of the desire for high quality processes and speedy delivery. The main advantages to courier services is that they are extremely fast and because they are hand delivered, there is very little chance of damage or loss to the product. The main disadvantages to courier service is cost and size limits, most courier services have limits on the size of packages and prices do increase dramatically the larger a particular parcel is. For this reason, courier service is rarely used by companies who ship regular large orders and is instead used for occasional specialty orders or for small packages like documents.

When to Use Freight Services

Freight shipping entails utilizing specialized truck shipping networks, like our very own 25 strong fleet, to ship large orders of product. LTL freight shipping, which taps into existing networks of freight carriers, is actually the most efficient and cost effective way to transport shipments regionally or cross country, because you are effectively sharing the cost of the trucks cargo bay with other clients who have similar destinations and only paying for the space you take up. FTL freight shipping, which allows you to occupy an entire truckload, is also available, but is usually more costly unless you are shipping high volume on a regular basis.

About Our Services

When you use our specially designed inventory management services, moving your items by freight becomes extremely convenient as we have streamlined the entire process. We take care of order processing, warehousing and transportation for you, and provide you with a web based tracking systems so you can always stay on top of your order and inventory. To talk to one of our representative about your shipping and inventory management needs call us at (404) 349-1466 today!

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