What Exactly is a Bonded Warehouse?

Inside of a warehouse

A bonded warehouse is simply a building or secured facility that serves as storage for goods, whether consumable or not. These facilities can be run by governments, like those maintained by customs officials, or by privately-held companies like Bonded Service.

The word “bonded” generally refers to a fund that is available to pay out against claims, like damaged or stolen goods. A bond is essentially insurance and in this case is simply an additional layer of protection for clients.

There are many different kinds of bonded warehouses and many different classifications that these will fit into.

Our warehouses, both contract and public, provide many benefits to clients seeking to streamline their budget and inventory processes. Facilities at our Atlanta locations have more than 100 dock doors, ESFR sprinkler systems, dry sprinkler systems, RFID tagging capabilities and are extremely close to all of Metro Atlanta’s rail depots.

Our facilities allow us to be a unique partner to many businesses whose operations in the Southeastern United States require additional storage, inventory management and other third-party logistics.

Contact us today for more information about our warehouse facilities and to see how our services could benefit your business.

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