What is Inventory Control?

In order to make sure that there is always a proper supply of items without having an oversupply, even very small businesses usually have to implement some sort of inventory control measures. While there are several different models of inventory control used today, the one that works best for your company will be the one that takes up the least of your time, manages your stock with efficiency, and costs the least amount of money. Bonded Services offers complete inventory control and inventory management services in both Savannah and Atlanta that give you complete control of your stock without having to lift a finger.

Why Control Inventory?Bonded Warehouse

Also called stock control, inventory control is simply how you know how much stock you have on hand at any given time and how you are able to utilize it. From backroom storage areas and pencil and paper checklists, to fully automated computer networks and elaborate warehousing schemes, just about every business that sells physical items has some sort of inventory control system in place.

Outsourcing Your Inventory Control

When a business is large enough the inventory control becomes a significant issue in terms of time and monetary investment, outsourcing the task to a professional becomes a smart option. Bonded Services offers complete warehousing inventory control services for businesses of all sizes, meaning we not only store your stock but we keep track of it for you in ways that give you instant access to up to date numbers and statistics.

What Inventory Control Services does Bonded Services Offer?

Bonded Services provides both public and contract warehousing services that can be bundled with complete inventory management services. We can track your inventory by lot number, weight, production code or however you like and our 24 hour web based system lets you check in at any time. We also offer professional warehouse crew services that can pack, load and physically organize your products as well as transportation services to ship them locally or nationally.

More Information

Bonded Services is here to provide businesses with a complete solution to all their inventory and shipping needs. Call (404) 349-1466 to talk to one of our experts about our customizable options today.