What is a Supply Chain?

A supply chain is the network of all parties involved directly or indirectly in moving goods or services from the supplier to the customer. This network includes: the manufacturer, suppliers, warehouse operators, transportation services, retailers, and customers.

Supply Chain Management

Each stage in the supply chain is dynamic and to be successful the supply chain strategy must be updated frequently to give you the best view of your supply chain needs so you can solve any problems which may arise in a timely manner. Don’t lose sight of the importance of aligning supply chains with the business. It’s critical that colleagues higher up in your manufacturing company realize that this is a top priority.

Making the Most of Technology

If you want your supply chain to be successful, utilizing the latest technology can make life a lot easier. There are a number of tech solutions you can implement including:

  • warehouse management systems
  • mobile management applications
  • supply chainvoice and GPS communication
  • digital imaging
  • bar coding applications
  • portable printing
  • speech recognition
  • RFID
  • wireless security
  • RTLS
  • cloud technology

Your company will have unique needs for supply chain technology solutions, once you understand what these are you will know which capabilities need to be addressed and which technologies are suitable in each case. Smart use of technology will help you streamline your supply chain and save time and money. Stay ahead of the game by utilizing the latest technologies early so you can adapt to it quickly and make the most of it.

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