What If My Order Has A Large Number of SKU’s?

In order to effectively manage and track inventory of over a small number of individual items, using the SKU system is often necessary. SKU’s not only keep track of each piece of the order but they help to sort them into different categories as well. When your order has a wide degree of differing items in it, it will also have a diverse array of SKU’s, which is why it is important that they are used accurately and precisely. Those running businesses that are particularly likely to frequently ship orders with a large number of SKU’s can often benefit the most from a third party contract warehouse supplier like Bonded Services.

Keeping Inventory Sorted

Barcode SKU'sOne of the most important aspect of inventory management is keeping items properly labeled and then organized in the warehousing unit. Because we offer not just a state of the art inventory management system that lets you track your items from afar but an in house team of employees who can handle the labeling and sorting of your inventory for you, we can usually completely run this side of the business for you. Even orders with excessively large SKU numbers can be processed quickly because we have every item logged into and tracked on our system.

Processing and Shipping Your Order

When its time to get your order into the hands of your customer, we can provide expert service at every step of the way as well. When can pack items of different SKU’s together into bundled orders of one destination and then actually ship them anywhere across the southeastern USA using our fleet of trucks. Even if you need to ship nationwide, we can prep and package the order, including building pallets and crates, and then coordinate with our network of carriers to save you time and money.

More Information

To find out more about how Bonded Services can take the confusion out of running a small business by managing your supply chain for you, call (404) 349-1466 today to speak to one of our experts.