3 Reasons to Choose Bonded Service Warehouse For Your Atlanta Food Grade Warehousing

A food grade bonded warehouse is a vital link between the producer, the supplier and the retailer. In Atlanta, as in any U.S. city, there are rigorous standards that must be adhered to when storing food. Here are 3 reasons to choose Bonded Service Warehouse for you food grade storage.

  1. Stack of bags with food at warehouseStorage

    Bonded Service is a food grade warehouse where you may store food for short or long periods of time. The company serves its customers by enabling access to food year round, even when certain products are out of season. It provides cold storage, frozen storage, and dry storage.

  2. Safety

    Bonded Service adheres to strict safety standards to protect the health and safety of consumers and to prevent food-borne illnesses. The exterior of the food warehouse is clean and free from garbage. The inside is cleaned regularly and well maintained. The company adheres to a strict pest maintenance program.

  3. Equipment and Services

    As well as over 50 years of experience, Bonded Service provides typical equipment such as shelving, bins, forklifts, and chillers. Temperature and humidity are monitored and maintained. The staff understands the intricacies of food storage. All food is stored on a first in-first out basis.

Bonded Service has been providing public warehousing, contract warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation and inventory management services for more than half a century. Contact us today to find out how we can help your shipment reach its destination.

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