5 Types of Supply Chain Services

The supply chain is a network of different services and processes that link a product from its raw production to its end point in the hands of a customer. For many businesses, a limitation or problem at just one point in the supply chain, anything from storage capability to shipping speed, can dramatically effect growth, productivity and profitability. For this reason, outsourcing  aspects of your company’s supply chain to a provider like Bonded Services is a smart move. Here are the top five supply chain services that we provide, each designed to help you run your business more smoothly and efficiently.

Logistics design

Inventory Management

Bonded services is able to label and track your inventory for you while it is in our possession. In fact, our inventory management services come with a 24 tracking software that you can log into from the comfort of home and check orders and the state of your product.


Our in house fleet of trucks handles direct orders all across the southeastern USA and we have established relationships with other carriers that guarantees you the lowest prices on cross country shipping as well.

Order Fulfillment

We can also take care of every aspect of prepping your order for delivery including packaging, labeling, sorting and building shipping materials like crates and pallets.

Contract Warehousing

Because managing the supply chain is often the most time consuming part of running a business, our contract warehousing services combine a labor force with storage. That means we can house your inventory as well as prep it for shipping all in one place.

Public Warehousing

For those that do not need our other services we also offer a very flexible public warehousing option that lets you pay for only the time and space that you actually use. For more information about all of the services we offer call us today at (404) 349-1466.

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