Bonded Warehouse for Retail and Consumer Goods

Whether you import alcohol, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, or raw materials, our bonded warehouse facilities for retail and consumer goods can really work to your advantage. When you choose to store imported goods in a bonded warehouse, you are not required to pay duty on them until you export them, sell them, or release them for consumption. This helps your business save time and money in a number of ways.

Bonded Warehouse Advantages

  • Increased cash-flow: Because you do not have to pay duty on your goods until you choose to sell or export them, your inventory does not tie up your cash. You can wait until you have received payment for the goods.
  • Long-term storage: If you do not plan to sell the goods as soon as you receive them, you have a safe place to keep them for an extended period of time
  • Manipulation: If you need to clean, repack, or organize your goods, you can do so in our bonded warehouse.
  • Safe keeping: When your imported goods are subject to restrictions, our bonded warehouse is a great place to keep them while you sort those out or make arrangements to move the goods to another location.
  • Coordination with other services: When you choose Bonded Service for your bonded warehouse needs, you can also take advantage of our other logistics services, such as the transportation of your retail and consumer goods.
  • Location: We offer warehousing locations in Atlanta and Savannah with easy access to both Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and the Port of Savannah and transportation to destinations all over the world.

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