Why Use Port Drayage?

Freight transportation isn’t only about long-haul trucking, cross-country rail routes, or international cargo ships: drayage logistics, or the short-distance transportation of freight between depots, warehouses, and storefronts, is a key component of the process as well. Often done with trucks, this is typically defined as movement that can be completed (origin-to-destination) in a single shift of work.

A subfield of drayage involves the targeted movement and loading of cargo as it arrives or departs from a shipping terminal, including to and from an offsite storage facility or other inland destination. This is what we refer to as port drayage, and it’s a service that we’d recommend for most organizations: here are just a couple of reasons why.

Low expenditures:

Companies utilizing drayage can take full advantage of existing transportation infrastructure, rather than being restricted to building their networks around port locations. The cost of over-the-road drayage between ports and offsite locations is almost trivial, and allows for greater flexibility of choice (and likely less-competitive rates) in warehouses: imagine being forced to set up shop directly along rail lines or shipping terminals!

Freight accessibility:

Shipping PortMajor shipping ports (especially those of Savannah and Atlanta) are extremely busy places, and can become highly congested with road traffic and stockpiled freight. Leave your cargo in shipping yards or onsite warehouses, and you’ll find that turnaround times are at the mercy of port workers. Your product is your company’s lifeblood, and being unable to reach it in a timely manner when you actually need it places you at unnecessary risk. Better to store it in a more accessible location.

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