What Should I Look for in a Supply Chain Management Company?

The interlocking nature of the various industries and transportation networks needed to move goods from the point of manufacture to the marketplace has been defined as Supply chain management. Supply chain management is very important for businesses of all sizes as it dramatically affects the overall cost of inventory and the speed and stability of its supply. Bonded Services was developed as a full service solution for businesses who want their supply management needs taken care of by professionals. The following three services should be provided by all quality supply chain management companies.

Professional Warehousing

Warehousing is a key part of supply chain management, as the storage of goods often happens for long periods of time between production and marketing. Third part warehousing services are often utilized by companies too small or too busy to start their own in house warehousing operations, and can be a life saver for businesses that are growing fast. Bonded Services provides both public and contract warehousing services in Atlanta and Savannah, which is easily bundled with our other supply chain management offerings.

Inventory Management

Besides simply storing your items in a warehouse, a quality supply chain management company will also provide quality methods of managing them for you. Bonded Services offers customers complete inventory management services including labeling of items, 24 hour web based tracking and organizational services including packing and building crates. We have a team of physical professionals who work as your de facto employees to stay on top of your inventory and keep you updated with all changes and orders.

Transportation ServicesVirginia International Port

From LTL Trucking to drayage services at the port of Savannah, Bonded Services also provides complete solutions to any transportation needs that a company may have. Our in house fleet of vehicles is able to ship across the southeast and we have agreements with other companies in the rest of the nation to give you discounts and great service when shipping across country. For more information on our full service supply chain management solutions call (404) 349-1466 to speak to us today.