What Is The Difference Between Public Warehousing and Bonded Warehousing?

Bonded warehousing differs greatly from public warehousing, which is the standard option that businesses use to simply store their inventory while it waits to be processed or shipped. Bonded warehousing includes processing and often shipping services along with a dedicated storage facility, and often utilizes an in house labor force to complete many different aspects of inventory management, order fulfillment and even transportation for a business as an outsourced operation. Because Bonded Services provides both public storage and bonded storage services from our facilities in Atlanta and Savannah, we can offer you the solution that best fits the needs of you and your operation.

Inventory Management Services

inventory management

One of the most common reasons that businesses use a bonded warehouse is to take advantage of its inventory management services. Bonded Services offers sorting and tracking services that can label your items by lot code, production code, weight or however else you would like and then organize then in our storage facility to your preference. You will also be provided with 24 hour web access to our state of the art tracking software that lets you stay on top of the status of these items from anywhere.

Order Fulfillment Services

A bonded warehouse also differs from a public warehouse in that it is a full service facility that can prepare your items for shipment to customers or retailers on an order by order basis. This can drastically reduce the overhead of running a small business as you only pay our labor force for the time they actually use and tap into our fully stocked facilities and equipment instead of investing in your own. Order fulfillment services include packing and repacking, building pallets and crates, proper labeling and even a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround on orders.

Shipping and Transportation Services

Because bonded warehousing is basically a way to outsource the most labor intensive aspects of managing your supply chain, it can also include delivery of your product to consumers or retailers. Bonded Services has its own fleet of over 20 trucks that offer direct shipping to locations across the southeast and cross country delivery through our network of partners.

Choosing Between Public and Bonded Warehousing

Companies that only need extra storage space are usually the ones content with simple public warehousing solutions. But for those who could benefit from third party logistics in order to help their business grow, bonded warehousing is an invaluable service. To find out more about both of our warehousing options and which one is right for you give Bonded Services a call today at (404) 349-1466.