What You Need To Know About Savannah 3PL Services?

As one of the busiest port on the East Coast, the Port of Savannah is the point of entry and exit for a large amount of goods that are the lifeblood of businesses of all kinds. If you are looking for third party logistic (3PL) services near the Port of Savannah, Bonded Services is here to help. We operate two mirror facilities very near the port that were built in 2007 and offer state of the art services as well as connections to our headquarters in Atlanta and partners around the country.

Drayage and Transportation Services in Savannah

Shipping Containers for DrayageOne of the most essential steps in the international supply chain is the drayage of services from a ocean going vessel to a dedicated facility on land where they can be stored and processed. We have an in house fleet of trucks that drays 150 containers a month from the Port of Savannah, providing a vital link between international shipping and domestic distribution.

Storage and Inventory Management in Savannah

Once in one of our two facilities in Savannah, Bonded Services offers a large number of specialized services that you can choose from in order to further assist you. Our in house team of experts can repack, label and sort your inventory for you, and you are able to monitor and track all these activities in real time through a web based software program with 24 hour access. These inventory management services allow you to outsource a work force as well as our facilities.

Order Fulfillment in Savannah

Once your product is sorted, packed and ready to be shipped out, Bonded Service can also be utilized to complete the process of shipping and delivery as well, meaning we can handle every step of the supply chain for you while you focus your energy on growing the business. Our Hazmat certified drivers provide both LTL and FTL trucking across the southeastern USA and we have strategic partnerships with other networks that allow us to ship cross country at discounted prices.

The Best Option for 3PL in Savannah

When it comes to outsourcing your logistical needs to a 3PL provider, there is simply no better choice than Bonded Services. With over 80 years’ experience, the best facilities around and an expertise in the industry that simply cannot be matched, we have complete and customizable solutions to all the logistical needs of a business of any size. For more information about how we can help you take your business to the next level call us today at (404) 349-1466.