What Is A Distribution Warehouse?

An integral part of the supply chain, a distribution warehouse is where the product is kept in between its arrival from its point of origin and its delivery to a retail business or customer. Warehousing can also be much more than just the storing of items however, for those that run businesses of any size, warehousing and distribution can also involve a vast number of other services that prepare the products for delivery. From packing and labeling products to tracking and shipping them, a full service contract warehousing company like Bonded Services can manage many different aspects of the supply chain for you from the warehouse itself.warehouse delivery

Why Outsource Warehousing?

A good warehouse management system can be the missing ingredient that makes or breaks a company’s success. Outsourcing not just the warehousing but every aspect of inventory control, shipping and order fulfillment means that all you have to do is worry about the front end aspects of your business like marketing and sales. Bonded Services offers very flexible and customized solutions for businesses large and small that take into consideration the exact needs of the particular organization. Our contract warehousing services let you utilize our own in house workforce to carry out task without having to hire any employees at all.

Integrating Warehousing and Transportation

The delivery of goods is another important part of the distribution process, and Bonded Service has its own in house fleet of trucks in order to seamlessly integrate shipping and storage services together. Because we utilize a warehouse management system that lets you track all your items in real time, you choose what gets shipped where and when and we can take care of everything from packing and labeling the items to delivering them to their final destination.

More Information

If you are looking for distribution warehousing services that take every need of your business into account and can provide solutions for any logistical problems that you may be facing, a full service contract warehousing service may be just what you need. If not, Bonded Services also offers public warehousing services and we can work with you to integrate that with our transportation services into a package that works for you as well. To talk to one of our warehousing experts call (404) 349-1466 today!