How Do I Know If I Need A Fulfillment Center?

Order fulfillment can often be the most complex and time consuming aspect of running a business. Since it is the actual customer’s order that puts the whole supply chain into movement, meeting the needs of the client while balancing costs and efficiency is the goal. If this is proving to be challenging for a business of any size, outsourcing your needs to a third party order fulfillment center like Bonded Services may be a very smart thing to do.

Do I Need Bonded ServiceDo You Have Adequate Storage

One of the most basic services that Bonded Services provides is contract warehousing, which is much more than simply a place to story your inventory. Contract warehousing is actually an integral part of any outsourced order fulfillment operation. We use an in house workforce to organize, label, pack, track and even ship your inventory for you, while you manage and oversee the whole operation remotely via our 24 hour software solution.

Would You Like To Save On Shipping Costs

Because we can integrate our contract warehousing with our own transportation options, including an in house fleet, order fulfillment is one smooth operation at Bonded Services. We can even build crates and pallets for you and load your inventory either LTL or FTL, which ever one saves you money and fits your time frame. Even if you are shipping nationwide, we have an established relationship with a network of carriers that will get you the best prices possible on your order fulfillment.

More Information

There are many benefits to outsourcing your order fulfillment to a third party that has dedicated facilities. Call Bonded Services today at (404) 349-1466 to discuss how our services can help you maximize profits and performance, making you business as successful as possible.