How Do I Get My Shipments To Savannah, GA?

The Port of Savannah is the largest single container terminal in North America and is the largest concentration of import distribution centers on the east coast of the United States. For those that need to ship their inventory from the Port of Savannah however, getting items to the port in the first place is often an issue, especially if the business is located far away. Bonded Services offers not only transportation to the port, but a variety of other services that make national or international shipping from the port easy and productive.

Cargo Container Ship At Savannah Georgia USA

Transportation to the Port

Bonded Services operates an in house fleet of trucks that can transport your goods from any point in the southeastern U.S. to the Port of Savannah. If your inventory is located outside of this area, we can coordinate shipping nationwide through our network of carriers, which saves you money and time as we can often offer discounted rates not found anywhere else.

Contract Warehousing

Because shipments often have to wait in Savannah before loading on a sea going vessel, our dedicated warehouse space near the port is also extremely convenient. Contract warehousing allows you to pay for only the space you use and the time you use it, and can include a wide number of other personalized services that help you.

Order Fulfillment

If your shipments need to be processed before they are shipped through the port, we have a variety of order fulfillment services that can be implemented right here at our facility. Packing, labeling and container building can all be handled by our onsite work crew, and we have a state of the art tracking software system in place that keeps you updated 24 hours a day.

More Information

Because the Port of Savannah is doubling its capacity by 2018, it will continue to be an important destination for those that are exporting goods from the east coast. To find out more about how we can transport your goods here and help you ship them across the world call (404) 349-1466 today to speak to one of our agents.