How Do I Find a 3PL Warehouse Company?

A 3PL (third party logistics) warehouse company is one that will work with you, as a shipper, to manage all your logistic operations. This includes all aspects of warehousing software to manage transportation, negation of freight weight, and freight bill auditing. Here are some questions to ask to help you find the right 3PL for your needs.

Warehouse Cargo Transport

What Costs Should I Look for a 3PL Warehouse to Reduce?

According to a State of Logistics Outsourcing study, 3PLs can cut logistics costs by an average of 11%, cut inventory costs by an average of 6%, and cut fixed logistics by an average of 23%.

How Can I Judge Their Technological Capabilities?

Find out how much the company invests in technology each year as a percent of their net revenue. Then check how much of their annual IT budget goes to developing and implementing new aspects of technology.

Can The 3PL Keep Up With Your Growth?

Choose a 3PL that is flexible and scalable and able to keep up with your future requirements as well as your current ones. If you are planning to reach out to new businesses in the near future, your 3PL must be able to expand with you.

Is The 3PL Financially Stable?

Like any business partner, the 3PL should have the financial strength to weather any unforeseen disruptions. It is essential that they are in the best position to take advantage of any innovations that will help protect and advance your business.

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