What is Expedited Shipping?

The global economy runs at a fast pace and it you want your business to keep up with it, you have to be able to move freight as quickly as possible. No matter where you need to ship your goods, your clients expect prompt and reliable delivery, and there are times when they need the goods delivered yesterday.

When a client needs an urgent delivery within a set time frame, you can’t afford to rely on shifting the shipment on trucks that will have to make multiple delivery shops along the route, and you don’t have to because time-sensitive shipments are very common, even at long distances, expedited freight services offer fast and simple ways for moving your shipments.

What is Expedited Shipping?

The purpose of expedited shipping is to prevent wasted time getting our goods to their destination. So, if you are using trucks as you method of delivery, they will only stop en route if it is completely necessary. You may use expedited shipping if you need to:

  • Deliver emergency medical supplies
  • Replenish a manufacturers inventory
  • Supply vial machine parts to industry

You don’t have to have special needs to use an expedited shipping service; they are available to anyone.

What Distances does Expedited Shipping Cover?

Basically there is no limit to the distance your expedited freight can cover. Whether you need to send a package across town, or a container overseas, a company who is experienced in expedited shipping can get your shipment where it needs to be when it needs to be.

Here at Bonded Service, we know how important is for you to ship items from A to B as quickly and safely as possible, and when a client has urgent delivery needs, we are always here to help them meet their deadline. We are proud of the fact that we were one of Atlanta’s first logistics companies, and have been providing public warehousing, contract warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation and inventory management services since 1931. We are committed to offering state-of-the-art facilities and services. We operate over 1 million square feet all over the greater Atlanta area and now have two new facilities in the Savannah area designed to meet demands of our clients needing close proximity to the Port of Savannah.