Do I Need Logistics Management?

For most companies, there is a lot that happens to any given product between the point of origin and the point of consumption. From packaging and labeling to shipping and tracking, what is referred to as the supply chain can be quite complex in today’s interconnected global marketplace. For e-commerce companies or independent businesses however, the opportunity to compete with larger organizations is made possible by outsourcing these logistics to a third party that specializes in the process like Bonded Services. If you are looking to grow your business and save money and time, third party logistic management is probably for you.

logistics managementDo you spend too much time on order fulfillment?

One of the surest signs that you business will benefit from third party logistics management is if you are spending far too much time simply managing orders. Bonded Services can take over every aspect of the process for you, using our in house workforce to prepare and package each order while providing you with 24 hour real time tracking access so that you are always in control and in the know.

Would you benefit from contract warehousing?

Contract warehousing is much more than just a space to store your inventory. Bonded Services offers an in house work force that is able to organize your products, labeling and sorting them for you. When it comes time to ship them to the customer, which we can also handle, the same dedicated team will take care of all everything from crate building to negotiating partial load spaces on LTL shipping to get you the best deal possible.

More Information

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